SCSP in Maharashtra

Social Justice and Empowerment Department has divided development schemes into four categories

1. Educational Support

2. Economic Development

3. Housing

4. Other schemes

To bring Scheduled Castes above poverty line and empower them for self employment, In Maharashtra Special Component Plan started implementing from Sixth (1980 – 81) Five year plan.

Social Justice Department is Nodal agency for SCSP. Planned amount is disbursed for District and State Schemes through District Planning Committee for Scheduled Castes Welfare. Social Justice Department, as per their Budget Document, do accept population of SCs as 10.2 and Nav Bauddhas as 6 % of the total Population, however SCSP allocation is only 10.2 % of State Budget Plan, so denial of almost 6% of Budget from very beginning.

FY 2013-14 total plan expenditure budget of state government is Rs. 46938.00 Cr. Amount allocated for Scheduled Caste Sub Plan is Rs. 4787.68 (10.2), out of which Rs. 1600 Cr is for Districts Schemes and Rs. 3187.68 Cr for State Schemes and for TSP it is Rs. 4177.48 Cr

Denied Budget allocation, Rs. 2816.27 Cr in SCSP, as per policy guidelines SCSP should be 16.2 together for SCs and Nav Bauddhas in Maharashtra, as per 2001 census.

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